Little Miracles Preschool


       Our hours are 7:00am to 5:30pm.  We are open Monday to Friday.  Upon enrollment we will determine your child's specific schedule within our operating hours.  Children need to be dropped off at approximately the same time each day so that our routine remains consistent.  Please notify us in any changes in your regular drop-off and pick-up times so that we can make needed changes in our schedule.
Parents are welcome to visit our school, both planned and unannounced, at any time during operating hours to visit and share experiences with their children.


       The following rates include all meals and snacks.   Also included are all daily supplies:  diapers until potty trained, wipes, and items such as sun screen when needed.

1-2 years $801/month or $185/week                                                                                              2-5 years  $628/month or $145/week
3 days per week $455/month or $105/week
2 days per week $300/month or 70/week
Before and After school care $ 280/month or $65/week
After School Care $150/month or $35/week
Before School Care $130/month or $30
Summer care for school age children $135/week

 Payment is due in advance when you drop your child off the first day of each month, or the first day your child attends that week if you are paying weekly.


Late Fees

       It is important that you pick up your child on time.  If you think you may be late  for any reason please call by 5:15 to let us know.  If your child has not been picked up by 5:30 there will be an automatic $5 charge, and an additional $5 charge for every 15 minutes after.  The late charge will be due on the following payday.  If you are repeatedly late we may discontinue care for your child.  There will also be a late fee of $5 for anyone who does not pay when they drop off their child the first day of each week or month depending on your payment schedule.


      Listed below are our paid holidays.
New Years Day
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

     Eight personal/sick days per year will also be included.  We will give as much notice as possible for these days, however, occasionally we may not know a sick day is necessary until that morning.


      We will take two weeks paid vacation each year.  One week will most likely be during the summer months and the other during the Christmas holidays.  We will notify you at least 30 days in advance for vacations and do our best in assisting you in finding alternate child care if needed.

Back-up Care

       It is your responsibility to have back-up care available for your child when the preschool is closed. However, we will try to assist you in finding alternate child care whenever possible.


       Each child has a cubby where their personal belongings will be kept.  Please check your child's cubby daily for artwork, projects or notes to be sent home.  We will need a full change of clothes for your child.  Please don't send your child in their best clothes and expect them not to get dirty.  Children get dirty during normal daily play and a little dirt usually equals a lot of fun.


       We participate in the USDA child care food program to encourage healthy eating habits through serving nutritionally balanced meals and snacks.  A daily menu will be available for parental viewing.   Breakfast, lunch, and two snacks will be served at the following times:

Breakfast: 7:00 am - 9:00 am
Morning Snack: 10:00 am
Lunch:  12:00 pm
Afternoon Snack: 3:30pm

     If your child is not here before 9:00 we will expect they have had a nutritious breakfast before arriving.  If a doctor's appointment or other events cause your child not to be here during any meal or snack time, please make arrangements to feed them before bringing them back.

Daily Activities

       Children will be encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities throughout the day.  These activities will be planned to be appropriate for his or her age level and developmental abilities.  The children will be spoken to, held and cuddled, played with, and allowed free time to play on a daily basis.  We follow a schedule that serves as a guide for our daily activities.  Although it may change slightly day to day based on the children's interest,  behavior, and the weather, it is consistent enough so that the children feel comfortable in daily routine.

Science center / Classroom pets

      Science is very exciting in an early childhood classroom.  There are so many opportunities for hands on learning and real life observation.  Science will be integrated into all of our themes.  A science center that contains a variety of books, learning materials, and real items that will encourage excitement and growth in the minds of our young scientists will be set up at all times.  We do a lot of sensory table activities and experiments.  We also do group cooking projects during which we can talk about measurements, textures, and how things change through the mixing and cooking process.  We currently have a classroom bunny, Bella, who loves to be cuddled and cared for by the children.

Preschool Program

       Our semi-structured preschool program is modeled around the Creative Curriculum Framework.  This is one of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education approved curriculums for adequately preparing children for kindergarten.  Creative Curriculum is designed to promote a child's individual strengths, encourage creativity, and increase a child's exposure to new topics and experiences.  We design our curriculum using themes based on the children's interests that integrate all areas, (science, math, pre-reading/writing, etc), into the particular theme.  This integration enables children to make more connections and makes learning more exciting.  All children enrolled at Little Miracles will participate in preschool and play based learning activities throughout their day.

Parent / Teacher Conferences

       In an effort to encourage communication and best meet the individual  needs of all children, we will offer parent teacher conferences twice a year.  We will use this time to share with you growth that we've seen in your child's development and inform you about specific areas we are working on.

Health Policies

       We know that all parents wish to, and will, keep their child at home if they are ill; however, if they become ill while under our care we will notify you immediately so that you may pick up your child.  At these times they need the special love and attention that comes from their parents and we must be concerned with the health and welfare of all the children under our care.  Below are the guidelines we must follow for when a child cannot be in our care: 
                                                    *temperature over 100 degrees
                                                    *diarrhea (more than once)
                                                    *severe coughing
                                                    *signs of a contagious disease
Please read the health care regulations included with this handbook for a complete listing of the guidelines we are required to follow. 
If your child becomes sick while at school, we will call you and you will need to pick up your child within 30 minutes. 
If antibiotics have been prescribed for your child they must be kept home for at least 24 hours after the first dosage.  Children must also be symptom-free for 24 hours before they can return.  When possible, medications should be administered at home; however, if the correct times of administration occur during their hours with us, we will give the medication with your written permission to do so.  We have forms available for this purpose.  All medications must be labeled with storage instructions, directions for administration and the prescribing doctor's name and phone number in case of an allergic reaction.
In an effort to protect the health and welfare of all the children in our care, we will notify all families of contagious illnesses, including any within our own family

Injured Child

       If your child is injured while he/she is in our care, we will administer first aid and fill out an injury report to have you sign.  If further medical attention is needed, we will call you and have you come get him/her.  If it is a medical emergency, we will call 911 first, then you.  We will allow the emergency personnel to take him/her to the hospital, since we would have to stay with the other children.  If enough staff is present at the time of the injury and our number permits, one of us would join the child going to the hospital.


       We use positive reinforcement, distraction, choices and positive role modeling to encourage appropriate behavior as much as possible.  When necessary we will redirect your child from an inappropriate activity or behavior to one that is more appropriate.  If  redirection has not worked, logical consequences such as: loss of a privilege, or a brief time-out may be used.  Your child will not be physically or verbally abused while in our care.  If we encounter a discipline problem we will discuss the situation with the parent(s).

Termination Agreement

       The first two weeks of your child's enrollment will be considered a trial period in which time if either of us are not completely satisfied with this arrangement, it can be terminated at any time.  After the trial period, if we find it necessary for any reason to discontinue care for your child, we will give you at least four weeks notice, unless cause for dismissal is endangering other children in our care.  Similarly, if for any reason you choose to discontinue your child's care with us we ask to be given at least a four week notice or be paid four weeks severance pay.